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    I felt that Fiona Davis did a notable job at capturing the historical time-period and setting of New York at it was being developed in 1884. The Dakota (which is a real building in New York and can be viewed online) was a unique apartment building, and I loved reading about the beautiful details put into the building (along with the gorgeous dress descriptions). I preferred Sara’s chapters over Bailey’s (especially in the beginning). In a way, I wish the whole novel had been about Sarah and what happened to her. It was interesting to see how Ms. Davis tied the past to Bailey Camden in 1985. I am rating The Address 3 out of 5 stars. The story is interesting but it has an expected ending (especially regarding Theodore). I was hoping the author would surprise me, but I was let down. I accurately guessed how the story would play out. I found the pace of the novel to be slow which can be attributed to the amount of detail provided by the author. While I love her descriptions and historical accuracy, the do make for a slow-moving story. Bailey’s chapters had a faster pace but they were less captivating (the 80s hold little appeal with the terrible fashions, party lifestyle, and the horrible Palm Beach/Miami Vice type décor). I am not enamored with the alternating chapters (the past and present) which seems to be very common lately in books. The Address ended up being a romance novel with a little mystery thrown in. mp3


    Un Ebooks facil de leer y bastante entretenido, la historia no decae. Me ha gustado


    mp3 Questa catena di solidarietà può essere di grande utilità, perchè un mentore con i suoi preziosi consigli può aiutarci a superare i mille problemi che ciascuno di noi, consciamente o incosciamente, si porta dietro, come zavorra, impedendo la personale realizzazione.


    Ebooks corto y dinamico, me ha gustado, parece un capitulo de serie de television


    Desde el principio la trama engancha, y te incita a seguir leyendo, aunque la verdad esque es un poco corta, se me hizo muy rapida de leer. mp3

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